Premiere: Hawker M. James – Pleasure Part

Today we’re really glad to introduce you to the latest single by Hawker M. James, a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Rochester, NY. Coming from Longwave, an indie rock band with very strict similarities to other NYC acts like The Strokes, Mike developed a very distinctive sound somewhere between glam and garage rock.

And it’s probably because of his friend and collaborator Joel Ford (the producer who made Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety LP sounds so classy and elegant and we already hosted on this pages a couple of times) that Pleasure Part appears so different from his previous songs: there’s a solemn atmosphere provided by heavy synths and mellifluous vocals here and it turned the tables on what we may have expected from him, but we’re even more fascinated.

Hawker’s self-titled full-length will be released on October 17th, in conjunction with Cassette Store Day.