Premiere: half/cut – Your Shadow Builds A City I Can Never Visit

When Melbourne-based dream-pop band half/cut shared their debut single Coming Of Age more than two months ago, I immediately thought that would have been that kind of band capable to steal my heart for good. And now that I’ve had the chance to listen to more music from them, I know that my guts were telling me the truth. The Australian 5-piece is back today with a new song, the second one to be taken from their upcoming debut LP ecco locale, due out to release in early March. It’s called Your Shadow Builds A City I Can Never Visit, a title that seems to come straight from the songbook of Ben Gibbard, and meanders through a swinging pace, before reaching its climax in the impressive finale. It follows the same path traced by Coming Of Age: ethereal vocals that lightly float over an emotional interweaving of “midwest-Emo” guitars. ¬†Listen below.