Premiere: GLASS PEAKS – Your Eyes

It may not always be necessary to drink a lot of coffee to get energy and feel more active; sometimes it’s enough to put the music on and let yourself go to an explosive charge of vibes. Take for example the debut single from the Kent-based quartet Glass Peaks.

Your Eyes is a long musical shot, with a hypnotic drumbeat, majestic bass lines and syncopated guitar licks. Stirring and anthemic, this tune flows in multiple directions, showing the band’s ability to produce a music that establishes modern connections between past and present. A melancholic pop with dark undertones, enriched by Lewis’s haunting voice that cuts through a punchy rhythm section and explodes with a such raw power. The impact is sky-high and there is something about this song that makes me feel delighted. We are so excited to be premiering their first release right here on GS! Get comfortable and enjoy the ride!