Premiere: Dear Plastic – Zero

Strong trip-hop sensibility + otherworldly vocals + natural tendency for elegant avant-pop solutions = Dear Plastic. This basic equation gives you an idea of how much “unconventional” is the offering of the Melbourne-based quintet – composed by a weird connection between “visual artists, science enthusiasts and one comic book nerd” – and what you should expect listening to their songs. Following their debut LP The Thieves Are Babes, the guys are now back with the new single Zero, sets to be taken from an EP called Heaven Machine due to be released sometime soon. The song shows how powerful and Björk-alike is the voice of the female singer Scarlette Baccini, while the hypnotic way of building textures out of synths and piano chords does the rest. The result is sophisticated and there’s no better definition of the track than the one provided by the band itself: “it is a cosmic hymn from a nihilist church”.