Premiere: Dear Baby Deer – Tryst EP

Dear Baby Deer is the new project of Gianluca Spezza, an Italian globetrotter who lived in Toronto, Bangkok, Seoul and is now based in London. As former member of cult band Divine, with which he recorded an album in the mid 90s with the glorious Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti, Gianluca has always been à l’avant-garde. He brought trip-hop to Italy in times when our country wasn’t exactly updated to the latest music trends.

Anyway, after almost two decades, he’s back with new fresh ideas, showing that making great music doesn’t depend on ages, but by the will of constantly renewing himself. Teaming up with Lilia, an emerging act of Italian electronic scene, Spezza has created a cinematic, warm sound that fits very well the smooth chase between male and female vocals.

Talking about the creative process, Spezza said he’s “looking for a sound that should be warm, open, the widest possible. And, at the same time, the softer and deep as possible. All together.” Then he added: “It shouldn’t sound like what you hear in clubs or on the radio. It must sound like you want.

Dear Baby Deer’s second EP is called Tryst and will be out on November 17th, but you can stream it in its entirely from today and for the whole week on Going Solo. Listen below.