Premiere: D. Gondry – Cat’s Claw (Feat. MURF)

D. Gondry is not a perfect stranger on these pages. We introduced him last year with his bedroom-pop project IYESAYA, but what we have to offer today is something completely different. Teaming up with MURF – with whom also shares another musical project, Sulki, once again on Gondry’s label Cat From Japan – the Dorset/London based musician has shared a raw R’n’B track called Cat’s Claw, which varies widely from the vaguely psychedelic pop tunes we were used to know from IYESAYA. In this new offering, Gondry is a maestro in setting a cold and evocative tone for MURF’s wild falsetto, thanks to a majestic guitar work that winks more to post-rock than to R&B.

Talking to D. Gondry via email, he said that “pop music is in a really great place right now however a lot of it is beginning to sound increasingly homogenised. There’s so much pressure, even as a new artist, to have a perfect studio sound that the soul, heart and surprise that comes with live instrumentation is getting sucked out and a lot of what remains sounds identical.” Then he added about the new single: “Cat’s Claws was me and MURF trying to keep it raw as we possibly could, recorded on a £30 microphone in my bedroom and trying to prove that pop and imperfection can co-exist. It’s an idea we’re also working on in our project SULKI and we just hope that the organic quality of our music will resonate with people.

D. Gondry plans to release his new mixtape later this year, a 10-track concept piece about the journey to death entitled Ten Views Of The End, on his label CFJ.