Premiere: Crescendo – Yet

If you’re reading us for quite some time now, you should already know Crescendo. The LA-based dreamgazers are one of our favorites and we’re thrilled to exclusively premiere the fourth single off their forthcoming sophomore LP. It’s called Yet and starts like a punch in the head with sharp dreamgaze guitars and warlike drums that put the pedal to the metal giving no breath to the listeners. Gregory Cole’s vocals are hazed and drowned in reverb as usual so that we can easily justify again why they’re quite often compared to many shoegaze bands. Anyway, we think that Crescendo’s offering is more than that and this 2 minute straight track is here to prove it.

This is what bandleader Gregory Cole stated to us about the track: “One of my most vulnerable voices to date was recorded on “Yet”. Fittingly so the song is about someone who has no luck, takes the next step to create their own luck. The guitars are calm yet lashing. The synths on this track have to be my favorite synths written on the album. They are the fiercest, most dramatic, and most likely exist alerting an emergency through a space station alarm or revealing life on another planet. When travelling in your spaceship, make sure to turn this on loud to avoid getting shot by some lasers in a dog fight”.

Crescendo’s sophomore LP Unless is out February 19th via We Were Never Being Boring Records.