Premiere: Claus Zinger – If You Only Knew

We first ran into Claus Zinger through a submission on Fluence and we quickly realized how special he was. It’s so hard to find such an eclecticism in a contemporary artist and that’s why the Israeli singer/songwriter caught our attention. Strongly influenced by 90s alt-rock music, that Claus met for the first time watching MTV’s program “120 Minutes”, Zinger’s self-released record If You Only Knew sounds as an experimental and weird encounter between Depeche Mode and NIИ. Today we’re glad to introduce you to the official video of the album’s title track. Watch it below.

Zinger said about the record: “The album is thirteen songs about life, death, love and anger, loneliness and confusion… some songs are inspired by the existential writings of Manitou – A french-jewish philosopher and kabbalist“. If You Only Knew is out now worldwide. Buy it here.