Premiere: Blue Napoli – American History

Blue Napoli is the recording project of Jonathan Heath, a London-based artist who, as his moniker may suggest, has been inspired to start this new musical experience by the time he recently spent in Italy. Jonathan is not a newbie: he was already involved in the composition of short-film soundtracks and, as he says, quite obtuse electronic music, but along with his new status, he decided to veer towards a more pop approach. American History is the first offer from the new course, a dreamy tune inspired by Eighties pop bands like Tears For Fears and early 4AD acts.

Jonathan said to us about the inspiration behind the project:  “I was at the Venice Biennale last year and they had this incredible cinema exhibit. Row upon row of screens with classic movies set in Italy were projected and alongside classics like Le Mepris I saw a film that I hadn’t seen before set in Napoli called ‘Le Occasioni di Rosa’. The architecture and the work on display was really affecting but that clip of the woman in red walking through this melancholic concrete suburb was so inspiring to me.

Heath is currently working on new songs, but there are no imminent plans for the release of an EP. Listen to American History below.