Premiere: Basement Revolver – Johnny

If you are looking for some contagious guitar music, well, you are definitely in the right place. Basement Revolver are a new trio from Hamilton (Ontario) and with their debut single Johnny, which we’re premiering today, they are here to hit you in the face and break you heart with a pure, deliciously carefree moment of fuzz indie-pop. The imagery of ‘Johnny’ is clearly the one of the late ’80s, a three minutes of nostalgic sugary melodies in which Chrisy Hurn’s vocals and aching lyrics shine with their naive beauty, unfolding along pristine carpets of distorted lo-fi guitar.

Speaking about the track with us, lead singer Chrisy Hurn stated “Johnny’ is my attempt to rationalize difficulties with my past partner and all the heartache and angst that comes from having a really bad time.

Basement Revolver‘s debut EP is set to be released in July.