Premiere: Babygirl – Overbored

Sometimes, during the day, I find myself staring off into a space, pressing my palms against the cheeks in silence, lost in thoughts, unable to hear anyone around. A bit like the cover artwork of Babygirl’s new Ep As You Wish (actually not with a dog’s face but too similar in expression). Joking aside, the Canadian duo’s new album will be released later this year but, luckily for you, today we’re bringing you the premiere of their lead single Overbored, accompanied by a charmingly choreographed video directed by Toronto’s David Bedford.

A light-hearted dream pop ballad wrapped in chiming guitar and washy melodies, all spiced up with backdrops of lo-fi drums. Kirsten’s vocals are perfectly suited to the song as concerned lyric says “I’m over you, I’m overbored, I’m surrounded by people who were hoping for more”. You can definitely taste that sense of teenage feeling when everyone around you believe you’re wrong and they’re right. “A lot of pressure is put on us to be extraordinary, especially when we’re young and beginning to figure out who we are and what we want. We wanted to write a song that celebrated those who were unsure, uninspired, bored”.

Hard work and dedication sometimes pay off and I’m dying to hear plenty more from this talented duo. Thumbs up!