Premiere: Andre Tajchman – Smoke

I have never felt normal. I remember being a child and playing on my own a lot. Other kids did not really get me. They ignored me, rejected me or picked on me. Arts and music appeared as an exit.” tells us Andre Tajcham, songwriter and producer from Belgium now based in London. He decided to escape from reality, finding refuge in music as the vehicle to create an alternative world. But as often happens on these occasions, all the conflicts, fears and disconsolate resignations clearly transpire in the works of the artist who decides to walk along this path. Smoke, his latest track we’re premiering today, is full of claustrophobic collisions of gloomy electro landscapes and soulful warm vocal, a song that touches the heart describing, with delicate honesty, the grief of losing a mother and the inability to understand and accept it.

Smoke is accompanied by its official video, stream both below.