Premiere: Amber Mark – S P A C E

Amber Mark is a half German, half Jamaican 22-year-old singer and producer. She grew up in lots of different countries around the world including India, Thailand, Nepal, Germany and now she’s based in New York City. All this travelling allowed her to absorb music from many different cultures and these heterogeneous connotations are clearly alive on her debut single  S P A C E.  Described as “an anthem for those who ‘just need some space’ away from anything or anyone…Just in time for (Anti) Valentine’s Day“, the song is a groovy blend of subterranean bass and urban r’n’b sonorities, enriched by vivid soulful vocals and topped with visceral hypnotizing tribal shades.

S P A C E is taken from Amber Mark’s debut EP, ready to be released towards the end of March.