Premiere: Alpaca Sports – As Long As I Have You (When Nalda Became Punk remix)

While we’re waiting for Sealed With A Kiss, the upcoming full-length by Alpaca Sports, we’ve been granted the chance to premiere one of the remixes that are going to be part of the limited bonus cd that comes with the aforementioned LP. We’re talking about As Long As I have You, one of the latest singles from Andreas and his bandmates, as seen by the Spanish duo When Nalda Became Punk (who have nothing to do with punk).

The remix leaves intact the peppy rhythms and the catchy melodic line of the original song, but also turns it from jangly to noisey, adding an extra lo-fi feel.

Stream it below.

Indiepop Or Whatever!, the new EP by When Nalda Became Punk, will be out March 4th on Shelflife.

[Photo by Per Möller]