Premiere: Aeroplane Mode – Aphrodite

NYC-based duo Aeroplane Mode‘s background is more than tormented, with a tragedy happened in Jess’ family while Alex was experiencing a significant heartbreak. Music seems to represent a sort of shelter where to find relief from all worries. Indeed, entering their home-studio with their phones turned on “aeroplane mode” is what helped them to overcome all the problems. Following their awesome debut single Wild Excuses, the duo has dropped a new track called Aphrodite, a fresh electro-pop gem driven by sparkling synths and clashing drums where Jess’ powerful vocals perfectly find their place.

Speaking about the new single, we’ve been told that Aphrodite “leads listeners down the path of finding love from adolescence to maturity.  The track highlights the twists and turns along the way and the euphoric feeling of falling for a person, even when logic advises otherwise”.