Premiere: A Safe Shelter – Voices

Some time ago we said to the guys over at Human Human that in Italy “there is hope for home-grown talent in the electronic scene, which is more receptive than other genres in the country and actually gives a chance to what’s new”. Milan-based 24-year-old producer Simone Zagari – aka A Safe Shelter – is one of the best examples of what we meant in that article, as he prooved he can manage everything between ambient music and pure electronic beats. His new single Voices starts as something Tri-Angle Records would have released and then erupts in a hipster-house breakdown with an awesome amalgam of uptempo beats and meandering metallic synths.

Speaking about the track he stated: “Voices was the last track I wrote for the EP. The other ones were not “real singles” so I asked myself how to make a “real single”, something that really works, with the perfect structure and melody. I never wrote my music with the idea of making perfect singles, but this time I wondered on that because finding a strong single usually gives an edge to what you’re doing. I decided to transpose this uncertainty I had in my mind by using patchy synths and fragmented vocals at the beginning of the track. Also percussions start with a common 4/4 pattern and then become more and more unpredictable. That synth right before the outro, then, I wanted it to be the climax of instability: it comes out of the blue and vanishes before being metabolized. Summing up: even Voices is not a real single.

Listen below.

Voices is the first single to be taken from A Safe Shelter’s forthcoming debut EP On A Quest, which is due to be released on January 28th, 2016 via Sherpa Records.