Pr0files – Empty Hands

We can not really say that we are tired of Pr0files‘ singles, because their electro-pop offer is so addictive that we have to force ourselves to not hit the repeat button any time we bump into one of their songs.. Let’s say we were praying for something more and we’d like to think that they heard us, because the LA-based duo formed by Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum have announced the release of their debut LP Jurassic Technologie. To celebrate, the pair have shared a new excerpt from the forthcoming full-length, a song titled Empy Hands that fits perfectly in the tradition of great singles released by Pr0files so far.

Listen below.

Jurassic Technologie will be out in February 2016 and will include also all Pr0files’ previous singles Call Yourself A Lover, Forgive, Get It Up and I Know You Still Care.