Plested – Habits

I’ll choose not to brag too much, or I might bore you, finding the right words to introduce to you the emosh new single from 24-year-old London-based songwriter Plested, pseudonym of Phil Plested. Habits, overwhelming proof of this talented artist maturity, is a soul-pop inspired ballad, result of an introspective and authentic songwriting that traverses the same emotional depths as his previous Demo IOU did not long ago. “A messed up love song” built on lovely harmonies, soft orchestral hints, intricate electric guitar and a voice that put in the foreground embodies the melancholic mood of the track.

About the track Habits, Plested said: “You know that feeling you have when you know you shouldn’t be doing something? When you’re addicted but you shouldn’t be, and you’re enjoying every moment of it. I guess when you want something that’s bad for you. That’s what ‘Habits’ is.”

A truly beautiful ode that you are probably going to listen to more than once.