PLAZA – Deep In My Head

It’s not easy to stand out from the guitar-driven rock scene nowadays. Whatever you want to call it or any inclination it takes (indie-rock, math, psych, etc..), the competition is very high and there hasn’t been much innovation in the genre. Hartlepool-based quartet PLAZA is one of the few acts to emerge from this cauldron of bands and their latest offering, Deep In My Head, serves as further evidence of that. The guitar work on it is thunderous, with reverb-laden riffs that explode together with clanging drums to create a savage soundscape for Brad Lennard’s raging vocals. It reminds me of the first We Were Promised Jetpacks somehow, which is from my point of view a very good thing.

Speaking on the track, the lead singer Brad Lennard said: “The essence of Deep In My Head is around mental health and how it can manipulate you into a completely different person to what you you once were. It’s about being lost in your own mind, but alongside the unease and anxieties of it all, feeling that you’re set up in the right place.