Phoria – Saving Us A Riot

I personally love when a band shows off its skills by dropping two very different singles which, nevertheless, sound both more than amazing. It’s the case of Brighton-based five-piece Phoria and their tracks Melatonin and Saving Us A Riot. After deeply falling in love with the mesmerizing electro-pop vibes of the first one, I can’t help but doing the same with the latter, a dream-folk ballad based on delicate finger-picking and inspired airy vocals that literally reaches its peak when the strings come in. I love both of Phoria’s “two souls” and I don’t want them to choose one or another since they will go on releasing great songs.

This is what Trewin Howard, the band’s producer and vocalist stated about the track: “Saving Us A Riot was about some things that never happened. I think I was laying to rest an imagined adventure and letting someone know that it meant a lot to me.