Phern – Pebble

A pebble in your shoe, it’s a quite bit a pain, well, you can image how much it hurts one in the brain. “Next thing you know I’ve got a pebble in my brain”, it’s in fact what Hélène Barbier doesn’t tire of repeating loudly. Pebble, the Phern new single from the upcoming album cool coma, has a slightly retro sensibility, with the just amount of lo-fi jangle, slinky guitar strings and shoegaze vocals melting into a hypnotic melody and a refrain that sticks to your mind warping over and over. Tailor-made for the sing-along, it will make you whistle till you lose breathe. The band has a knack for hooks and this is proven by the fact that I keep my head moving long after the song has ended. The band’s debut album is set to be released on November 25 via Fixture Records.

About the tune, the band says: “Pebble is a song about being a pedestrian, day-to-day in Montreal avoiding death,” the band explains to the Fader. “We are all afraid of dying so we drink a lot of smoothies. Right now we are in Halifax and cars are nice. We realized the song would have never existed if we were living here. The pebble in my brain’ is the fear that seeps into our mind just after a close encounter with a crazy driver“. Keep an eye out for the entire album soon!