Pham – Talk To Me (feat. Anuka)

Poland born experimental producer Pham has dropped a new track to celebrate the successful ending of a national tour. Out now via tastemaker label Majestic Casual Recordings, the song is called Talk To Me and it’s an emotional production tha features the heartfelt singing of Dutch singer Anuka. It reminds me a bit of some EMBRZ‘s productions, which can only be a good thing.

Within his music, Pham tries to channel the various feelings he encounters during this journey called life. Trying to explain this idea, he said: “I think that’s what it’s all about. – pushing the envelope all the time.” The song came up during a heatwave in Miami. “What if you could make harmonies that calm you down? What if you could write a ‘cold’ chord progression and follow it up with a similar synth?,” he asked himself, “I felt like Anuka would fit the ‘sparkly’ characteristics of the track and I would contradict it with heavy bass notes later, which is a classic manipulation of contrasts and it came out great.

The song comes alongside an official video, shot in Wroclaw, Poland by Grymuza which “delves deep into the internal psyche of a woman conflicted by her own thoughts.”