Paperwhite – On My Own

They made us wait more than a year, but now Paperwhite are literally on fire! They’re dropping one single right behind the other and guess what? They’re all so incredible addictive that we cannot wait to listen to the whole new EP, Escape, which drops later this Spring. The latest one of the series, On My Own, is marked by heavy synthesizers & marching ’80s beats that would not disfigure into a Depeche Mode oldie. Although with Paperwhite you already know that you will not get the sultry voice of the King Dave Gahan, but instead Katie Marshall providing a high dose of saccharin vocals and lyrics like: “I’m drifting through the waves of emotion, so help me out I’m on my own, I’m clinging to the edge of the ocean, so help me out I’m on my own.

Speaking with Noisey, Katie said: “We find working together to be fairly easy! Our personalities are very similar, and we have complementary strengths…so surprisingly, we have very little to fight about. I think because we have different strengths, writing and working together feels really natural. We might not always listen to the same types of music, but our overall taste and aesthetic is similar.