Paperwhite – Get Away

Believe it or not, but almost a year has passed since Brooklyn’s bro/sis duo Paperwhite released their first EP Magic. Now the pair is back with a new single, titled Get Away, which perfectly embraces the wintry mood, thanks to its icy production, the stretched synth jabs and the hazy vocals of singer Katie Marshall. And it is she to speak about the song, saying that it is “the perfect song to start off our second round of releases. What feels so special about Get Away is that while it speaks of the power of freeing your mind, finding your escape, and getting away from it all, it’s inviting someone to join you.”

Her brother Ben Marshall goes on to explain: “We’ve spent the last year in hibernation writing, creating and going deeper into the Paperwhite world. We been talking a lot about this idea of “future tribal” as an aesthetic. Primal drums, pop songwriting, and instruments from a parallel electronic universe. The music we’ve been working on feels like a step in that direction and we’re so excited to hear what people think.