Pale Grey – Seasons

To be honest, I don’t consider Pale Grey a completely stranger anymore. In fact its upcoming album Waves is already considered a good promise of the year and it’s on the mouth of many actually. That’s why at the beginning I was on the fence about write an article about this no-longer-emerging artist. But what is beautiful must be shown and reviewed, and Going Solo is no exception to the rule. So, today I’m writing about the new Belgian-based trio Pale Grey’s  dope single called Seasonsand it’s a  strong part of the just mentioned work Waves. The heartfelt and soulful vocals seasoned with elegant synths and subtle pad drums create a perfect soundscape which will gently cuddle the listener. Basically if you like artists as Air, Metronomy, Thieves Like Us or Grizzly Bear, you will surely dig this track and this band as well. And I do actually. So enjoy the song below and let you carried away, you will find yourself smoking a cigarette watching a lovely sea panorama from a pier. Enjoy the song below, and check their website here for any info.

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