Overcoats – Hold Me

One year ago I was there on these pages welcoming the New Year with the acclaimed comeback of Wet. Today we’re still in NYC but my two cents are on a female duo called Overcoats that has a lot to share with the above-mentioned Brooklyn-based trio. Their new single Hold Me is built around smooth pure-pop melodies punctuated by minimal electronics and a hypnotic refrain while words describe the complexities of love.

The duo composed by friends Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell will debut on April 21st with an LP called YOUNG (pre-order it here) via Arts & Crafts (Feist, Majical Cloudz).

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Father
2. Smaller Than My Mother
3. 23
4. Leave The Light On
5. Hold Me Close
6. The Fog
7. Walk On
8. Little Memory
9. Siren
10. Nighttime Hunger
11. Kai’s Song
12. Mother