Oracle North – Communion

Sweden has always been one of the most fertile countries in terms of music and it’s exactly from those cold lands who come Oracle North, a brand new quartet consisting of Olov Andersson, Andreas Bygdell, Johan Wahlberg and Lina Öhman. The four are almost ready to release their debut EP and today we have the opportunity to hear a first succulent taste of their work, represented by the first single Communion. The coordinates of their music don’t lead to Stockholm but straight to the old Manchester: darkwave textures, electro 80s sections, a pinch of post punk and a sticky guitar line that will resonate on your mind all day long.

Talking about their forthcoming EP, the band said, “We think our music is touching on subjects like estrangement and existential anxiety, which is expressed through some sort of yearning for a more primitive experience. Aesthetically, we’ve been inspired by equal parts Greek mythology; the Dionysian, Apollonian dichotomy and so forth, and the late 70s, early 80s DIY culture. And Can… and Suicide.