Opia – Secrets (feat. Sam Fischer)

For their first offering of 2017, electronic pop duo Opia teamed up with Sam Fischer to create a shimmering record titled Secrets. The track is marked by a dynamic pace and framed by a twisted soundscape made of throbbing synth hooks, hand claps and Fischer’s emotionally-charged vocals.

Speaking on the track, Opia state: “We’re so excited to release ‘Secrets’ – it was one of the first songs we wrote when we moved out to LA. Working with Sam was amazing because it felt like he really understood our musical vision. On our first day in the studio with Sam, we spent several hours just talking about life and relationships and ended up writing lyrics for ‘Secrets’ in less than an hour. It felt like it captured something we had been talking about all day, specifically how relationships get more special when you start to share pieces of your self with someone else that no one has seen before. Hearing sam sing, it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to be a star and we are so happy with how the song turned out.

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