Opia – Faded

There is nothing I like better than a good debut, but honestly what I admire most from an artist is the maintenance of high standards and the ability to keep a good continuity in their style. And a good project is exactly what Opia has delivered for our listening pleasure, a fizzy electro-pop composition called Faded. Based in L.A Opia is a collaboration between Jacob Reske and Cole Citrenbaum, who met each other at Yale University. Later, the third component and producer Colorthought was added to the project. Basically last year they released a couple of great songs (Falling for example is a delicacy), but they managed to stay on track with this new gaudy song. The perfect combination between Cole’s voice and Jacob’s electronic style create a wonderful blend of genres, and I actually appreciate straight away how this song goes on. Moreover, they are finally ready to show us their moves with their first and curious EP, a package of six songs which seem to promise fire and flames.

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