Only Real – Cadillac Girl

Every time I listen to Only Real’s music I feel just fine, because each of his songs is one more step towards summer, mojitos and evenings to be spent on the beach with the breeze blowing off the sea.

Cadillac Girl is not really a new song, it’s been on the web for a while, but it has now been reworked to be included on Galvin’s debut album, which should be released sometime this year. You should not worry anyway, ’cause the formula is always the same and keeps that wonderful lo-fi spirit that has characterized every Only Real’s production we had the chance to hear so far: jangle guitars, half-rap/half-spoken vocals and a pinch of surf psychedelia. And it works, trust me.

Cadillac Girl will also be released as a single on May 12th, through Virgin Emi. Listen below.