Only Girl – Remains

South East Londoner Ellen Murphy, a.k.a. Only Girl, broke a 9 months silence by releasing few days ago a great new single titled Remains. The song is a soul piece tainted with R&B melodies, in which Murphy’s vibrant voice shines and enriches the song with personal and poignant shades.

Remains is a song about feeling lost and building yourself back up again. When I’d gone through one of the biggest traumas of my life, helping my boyfriend Jamie recover from a traumatic brain injury, I felt like I had lost a big part of myself and writing music was like my therapy to get my emotions out. In turn, each song became a narrative of our journey through the recovery. In this song I was telling myself to just stop for a moment and remember the girl I was before; and that despite everything that had changed in my life and in him, I could still find a way to be my old self and learn to love him again.

Remains will be released through Akira Records on July 17th.