Only Girl – Fortune / Water

Following up her terrific Young Blood EP, South-London singer/songwriter Ellen Murphy, a.k.a. Only Girl, returns with her first release of the year, a single titled Fortune released through her own label So Gold Music together with its b-side Water. Murphy’s incredibile voice obviously stands out in both tracks, with Fortune that’s built around swelling orchestral arrangements mixed up with R&B elements, while Water is marked by a more sparse instrumentation. The lead single in particular reminds me a lot of Jessie Ware, which is of course a great thing.

Speaking about the track, Only Girl says: “‘Fortune’ is a song about the value we place in our relationships. When we build up our emotional fortune with someone, it’s so easy to take them for granted and forget what you have, until something happens to make you realise how much you have to lose: ‘I built my fortune up on you, I didn’t know I had so much to lose – so let me treasure you.’ I’ve learnt this the hard way, so this song holds a really important message to me about really cherishing what you have with someone.