Olivia O’Brien – Empty

Since its release, i hate u i love u has been streamed a gazillion times (and counting), Olivia O’Brien‘s name on everyone’s radar. This was, at the same time, a bless and curse. Surely that song, which gnash turned into a global hit, changed Olivia’s life and led her to eventually sign to Island Record. But now it feels like every new song she’s releasing has to bear a cumbersome burden, made of inevitable comparisons.

Luckily, Olivia is for real and so are her songs. Empty is no exeption, a terrific track that blends contemporary R&B vibes and dark-toned textures of shimmering electronic pop. Speaking on the song’s subject, the California-based singer/songwriter said: “I wrote ‘Empty’ when I was at my lowest. I had just moved to LA and was kind of lost in life. I didn’t feel like I fit in with my new friends but my old friends were moving on in their lives without me. I let myself wallow in my depression for months, letting it get worse and worse and not telling anyone until I started feeling like every aspect of my life was tragic and hopeless. Finally, when I started writing this song in a studio session I broke down and told the producer how I had been feeling. It was a very emotional day but I came out of it feeling so much better about everything and knowing I had just written my most vulnerable, emotional, and real song yet.