Oli Hannaford – Lily

Following up the success of his previous singles Free Things and Victoria, Devon nu-soul artist Oli Hannaford has returned with Lily, a new self-produced track that – despite drawing inspiration from the likes of D’Angelo & Chet Faker -finds its own distinctiveness through its overflowing personality, highlighted by a driven, bluesy guitar lick and alluring vocals.

Speaking on the track, Oli said: “Lily is a slightly complicated way of explaining a period of time where you’re really struggling. I was recently reading about a fish that swims around looking for lily pads to jump on because it breathes air (as well as water? No clue), and there are references to that search for the lily pad throughout. It’s also a bit about taking the struggle and turning it into a positive thing, broadening your mind set a little, but always giving yourself just enough breathing space.