Oh Be Clever – Blanket

We featured Oh Be Clever on our Going Inbox column sometime ago and there we go with their brand new single Blanket, which is a pure pop-song with a crystal clear production and a huge refrain. It seems to be that kind of track that everybody needs to hear on the radio on a bad day, thanks to that half crazy/half angry mood that provides the energy to face everything: it definitely sticks in your mind. We highly recommend you to keep the Salt Lake City duo on your radar.

This is what the track is about: “Remember when you were a kid, you’d be terrified at bedtime when the lights went out? You’d pull the blanket tightly over your head to protect yourself from whatever was out there? This song is the adult version of that scenario. When my problems got too real and avoiding them was easier than fixing them, I’d pull the figurative blanket over my head so I could pretend they didn’t exist. This song is learning you can’t avoid the ghost in your closet or the boogie man under your bed. You have to be friends with your demons and destroy what’s killing you.”