O-SHiN – A Revelation

Dutch singer/songwriter O-SHiN has released its catchy debut single called A Revelation. Basically we are in front of a dreamlike pop song seasoned with glitchy synths, powerful soundscape and electronic textures. Moreover, O-SHiN’s voice reminds me about Bjork. I don’t know why actually, maybe because there is something mad and Scandinavian in that tone. In fact this incredible and talented artist moved to Sweden for reach the maximum musical inspiration surrounded by forests and nature, and its style is really combined with this thing. Enjoy the song below.

Speaking about the song via email, they said: “After reading the book 5 regrets of the dying, after sitting in an airplane with a terrorist on boars and 20 minutes of mortal fear, after my mum being diagnosed with cancer, after seeing my parents visiting funerals of their friends almost monthly I can’t deny this subject has brought me many sleepless nights and lots of inspiration to write. I needed to mentally digest the fact that even I (use to) feel immortal, like young people do when they’re in their prime of life, we are actually fragile as ants. And it’s totally uncertain how long my life of my loved ones will be. Songwriting helps me to get over my necrophobia. I want to get the point where I am not afraid to die anymore.”

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