NVDES – Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor

What excites me more, each time I’m going to press play on a new track from NVDES, is that I never know what to expect. What distinguishes the LA based producer, in fact, is the extreme unpredictability in adopting original solutions that never fail to amaze the listener. His latest single Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor is another example of this quality, a song in which foggy vocals make their way through a maze of jumbled acustic elements, whimsical world-pop arrangements and weird estranging screams. Versatility and catchiness, this is NVDES‘ aesthetic and it’s simply irresistible.

Fun fact: NVDES wrote Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor with his actual neighbor.
The track will be the A-side to his forthcoming single, due out April 8 via B3SCI Records.