NVDES – Can You Not

It’s not a secret, I’m a big fan of NVDES and I think everybody should be, because the melons’ guy dropped out a series of incredibly infectious and super weird tracks over the past year. He’s now back with a new one titled Can You Not, a multicolor vortex of loops made with his signature crazy instruments. This is the kind of track you wanna play out loud, dancing like an idiot in front of the mirror hoping your mother will never open the door. Pretty embarassing when it happens 🙁

Speaking about the story behind the track, NVDES explains: “‘Can You Not’ was made in about 30 minutes. I put up clips on Snapchat as I was building it. I used a filter that said ‘Can You Not’ with broken hearts. Based on the response from Snapchat, I decided to release this track as a demo and name it after the Snapchat filter. It channels a “laptop punk” aesthetic I have been seeking and I also like how there are now lyrics. My intention is that listeners create their own experience with the scratch vocals.”