NOVAA x LO – Lights

Rising singer/songwriter and producer NOVAA has been working with bedroom producer LO on a new collaborative album called Lights, from which has been unveiled the title track, a bass-driven tune that puts together organic textures and playful synths to create an engaging soundscape topped by NOVAA’s soulful vocals.

Speaking on the song, the duo stated: “LIGHTS approaches the question if being in love means falling for someone else or falling for yourself and the person that the other one sees in you. The song captures the torn feeling of being madly in love with someone but also questioning it. When you fall for someone it’s always something that you are not in charge of. It’s beautifully overwhelming but also scary and unpredictable.

Lights comes alongside an official video created by award winning German film production team ” Das Department”. The song has a nice plot, which is thus described: “Lights tells the story of a boy who lives alone with his grandfather in an isolated inn. His grandfather, however, is stricken with grief at the loss of his daughter, and builds a cage with fear and anger, which the young boy tries to break with the help of a self-made robot.”

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