NoMBe – Young Hearts

LA-based producer and electronic artist NoMBe is monthly revealing his upcoming debut LP and today he’s back with a new track – the second off They Might’ve Even Loved Me – called Young Hearts. The multi-layered and mesmerizing production of the track frames NoMBe’s heart-in-hand vocal delivery and it surely puts him and this record on the radar for the “big jump”.

Speaking on the track, NoMBe states: “Like the rest of us, the first time I was in love was the most pleasantly painful experience of my life. There was no point of reference for how to cope. When you are truly obsessed with another human, you are convinced that you have everything to offer to this significant one, but can only marinate in confusion over the fact that she (or he) just isn’t able to see it. You may want to die for this person, you may want to abandon everything. This may even seem plausible in that given moment because you simply can’t fathom life without them. This feeling evolves over time and I think love becomes more complex as we get older. Young Hearts is dedicated to that unadulterated feeling (pun intended) that we only get once. Raw, uncontrolled and unexpected.