NoMBe – Signs

German born, Los Angeles artist NoMBe has dropped a new single today called Signs, which highlights the inclination of the artist to experiment with his music instead of remaining stuck in the comfort zone. His latest offering is a piece of alternative rock with Americana hints, where high-pitched voice meets playful guitar textures and classic soul melodies. Signs is off NoMBe’s upcoming LP They Might’ve Even Loved Me, due out later this year via Th3rd Brain Records.

Speaking on hiw writing process, he said: “A lot of my music comes from me getting frustrated or stuck in certain arrangements. At that point I start procrastinating by playing guitar or piano. What happens next is usually me writing a whole new song that often outshines what I got so frustrated with in the first place. I wrote “Wait” that way, I wrote “Freak Like Me” that way and I also wrote this month’s song “Signs” that way. I hope you enjoy my escape and hopefully can make it your own.

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