NOIA – Nostalgia Del Futuro

NOIA is the moniker of Spanish artist Gisela Fulla-Silvestre. Born and raised in Barcelona, she moved to Boston where she graduated in film scoring & sound design from Berklee. Later relocated to New York, she started working in the field during the day and producing solo music at night. Those late-night sessions in her studio // bedroom eventually turned out into the four tracks that form her new EP Habits, out on October 14th via Cascine.

Sonically speaking, the EP reflects Giselle’s wide and diversified music taste, which ranges from Tropical-pop to modern R&B, passing through nocturnal electronic. Speaking about it, the Spanish artist said that’s “a reflection of my many idiosyncrasies – deep solitude, rigid eating schedules like a retired old man, nostalgia for an imagined future, desired memories of a better past, bread with olive oil & avocado, masturbation, etc.

Nostalgia Del Futuro is the first song to be taken from it, a piece of liquid electronic pop sung in Spanish that channels haunting nocturne vibes without losing its pop edge. It reminds me, in some contorted and weird way, some of the late-’70s / ’80s production of Italian Maestro Franco Battiato. Listen below.