Noga Erez – Off The Radar

Tel Aviv-based producer Noga Erez is defo one of the hottest name of contemporary pop out there. On the verge of releasing her debut album Off The Radar, the 26-year-old artist has unveiled its title track, an extra catchy pop number marked by an intricate electro-laden production that combines pounding percussions, scratchy synth effects and pop textures. It follows previous offerings Pity, Toy and Dance While You Shoot, which are all included in the forthcoming record, coming on June 2nd via City Slang (pre-order available for CDs and vinyls here).

Speaking on the track, Noga Erez explains: “‘Off The Radar’ addresses contemporary fears of being anonymous or forgotten, and our indecent urge to leave our mark by publicly sharing thoughts and ideas without due consideration, purely for the rush we get from approval and affirmation. It talks about us as a society, a generation that has two identities. One is who we are in real life and the other is our social media self. This second identity is the one that gives us the false sense that we are able to control what people think about us. Putting ourselves on display, but only the ‘perfect’ us, the ‘ideal’ us. But in fact, we are being fueled by people/corporations who understand this very basic and primal need that we have for recognition and acceptance, and use it to control our lives.