Nilüfer Yanya – Golden Cage

Rising singer/songwriter Nilüfer Yanya ha unveiled last Friday a new excepert from her just-announced sophomore EP Plant Feed. The new track is called Golden Cage and it’s a jazz-flavored song that unravels around a syncopated rhythm over which Nilüfer shows once again her amazing skills as singer and the many nuances of her voice. An extra dose of charme is also provided by the nostalgic brass moments that adorn the track, together with the sharp guitar licks and smoothened percussions.

Accordig to the press, Golden Cage aims to “capture that sense of being caught up in something, but having no desire to walk out.”
On this matter, Nilüfer said: “On reflection you see it for what it really is – a trap – but when you’re in it, everything seems so perfect and you’re not paying attention to much else,

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