Nerve Leak – Hurt You

We have featured him on Going Solo for the first time in one of our weekly Going Inbox; then again when he released his single Alone. Now we’re glad and proud to introduce you Nerve Leak‘s last song from his debut EP Disconnected: Hurt You. The track is an experimental electronic piece with a bewitch structure and a disquieting mixture of beats and drones. It sounds like Xiu Xiu’s old works and it’s quite different from its previous sisters, but for the same reason is also very intriguing.

Hurt You is out since June 23rd , as indeed the whole self-released debut EP. This work is connected with Snow / Sun / Wordsan international writing project about music and its meaning in our age of convenience and consumerism. We can just hope that such a valuable effort can find the right praise and wish the best for the future career of this promising Brooklyn-based artist.

Listen below.