Native Eloquence – Habits

As it is written in his Facebook page, “Native Eloquence is the solo songwriting project of Adam Hirsch, a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Oakland, CA”. Simplicity which clashes with his music, given that Hirsch’s way of putting together tracks’ architecture seems to be quite complex. Habits, which is Native Eloquence’s second single and follows last month’s debut track Doldrum, stands as the perfect example, made of a lot of different layers, all held together by a strong bassline. Using Hirsch’s words: “Habits’ is about habits: moving carefully from place to place, sound to sound, things we could keep doing but don’t have the time or means“. Filtered vocals, saxophone, guitars’ reverb, hissing synths and drum machine summed together in a big loop to achieve an overall result that is reminiscent of the latest works of Grizzly Bear and Adult Jazz.

Listen below.

Native Eloquence’s debut LP Big Blue Nowhere will be out on August 25th via Brooklyn label Stereocure.