Mulàn – Night

Faceless music projects have become no news nowadays. Yes, the mystery component still intrigues, but at the end of the day is all about music. It has to be good. But we have to say it: you can still be funny and innovative while your’re promoting your stuff. Last week, I received in my mailbox (I mean, the real one, at home), an envelope containing a small puzzle which, once solved, revealed the name of a new band and also a secret link where I could actually listen to their stuff. Well, this was a really nice thought (I regret to not have taken a picture of it), also beacuse what I heard was particularly good.

The band, as you may have realized by now, was English three-piece Mulàn and the music I listened to was their debut single Night, which is indeed quite impressive. Think about a contemporary, electro-infused R&B song blessed by soulful female vocals, but with a clear “old-school” aftertaste. Ok I dwelt too much, better you check out the song below now!