Mt. Si – Either / Or

Rewind the tape to two years ago: Mt. Si broke through the blogosphere thanks to two massively catchy pieces of dreamy electro-pop and then disappeared as if they never existed. Some clues led to Kisses’ frontwoman Jesse Kivel, but nothing was confirmed officially. Until today. Yes, because Mt. Si are back and they’re a (kind of) supergroup: Kivel is actually involved, alongside with Sarah Chernoff of Superhumanoids and Classixx’s Michael David. But the best part of this story has yet to come: Mt. Si has shared a new single ahead of an extended play that will be released very soon through Cascine. The song is called Either / Or (just like that Elliott Smith’s album) and guys, it’s so insanely good that the first time I heard it I cried tears of joy.

Speaking about their fellowship, Jesse Kivel says: “We’re all friends who originally got together to work on songs for the first Classixx album. Mike and I wrote a track that I was supposed to sing, but Sarah came in and stole the show. From there we realized that we had good chemistry as a trio, writing and producing in a subtle, refined way. We’ve been slowly chipping away at songs for almost four years now. A relaxed and loose approach to the project, never settling until we have a great track has been one of the guiding principles.

Mt. Si’s Limits EP is out February 5 on 12” vinyl via Cascine.