MOTHXR – Touch

Brooklyn-based four piece MOTHXR made one of the most sensational debut last year with the single Easy, that climbed both the Hype Machine and the Rolling Stones charts reaching also nearly half a million listeners on Soundcloud. They have recently been signed to Kitsuné Records and Washington Square, on which they will be releasing their debut album next year. The first single from the still untitled LP is Touch and it’s a piece of retro-futuristic pop, in which fluorescent synths, 80’s beats and top notch production hypnotise like a seductive colorful kaleidoscope. Singer Penn Badgley (yes, you’re familiar with him cause he was on Gossip Girl) switches nonchalantly between a low and high singing voice, irresistibile r’n’b textures make shake your ass and at minute 3.00 there’s a muted bass which is so sick that is a worthy listen on its own.

Speaking about the track, Penn has stated to HUNGER: “This song has no chorus. I love that. It’s probably the most blatant song, lyrically, where you might get a sense of what I’m talking about. It’s romantic despair and sexual disillusionment and wilful ignorance in the face of the end of something. It’s taking pleasure in the darkness, which is actually very common and incredibly easy to do so that’s whatever… but we still like the song. It’s got a long instrumental part. Finally. Shut up.