Morly – Drone Poem

Drone Poem is the only sung track on Minnesotan producer and multi-instrumentalist Morly’s upcoming debut EP In Defense Of My Muse and – though we haven’t heard the whole record yet – certainly its most intense episode. And you really don’t need to know she wrote the song “thinking about Nick Cave’s 1996 letter to MTV, when he declined his nomination for Best Male Artist” (as she reported to The Fader) to jump to that conclusion: Drone Poem is immersive, pure, an atonement electronic mantra that could have come from Holly Herndon (unquestionably one of the 10 most talented female artists alive) if she choosed songwriting over experimentation. Which brings us to another conclusion: Morly is the purest talent on Cascine’s current roster. Unquestionably.

In Defense Of My Muse is out August 14th. Pre-order it here.